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Here at The Edinburgh Table Company, each item is a handmade bespoke piece made to order by skilled craftspeople and qualified carpenters. Our tables and benches come in a variety of styles using reclaimed and sustainable Scottish timbers.



We are a small and dedicated team of passionate individuals enjoying building a business using natural and reclaimed products native to Scotland. We are based in the Scottish Borders, just south of Edinburgh where the origins of the operation first began.


The business originated form a desire to find lovely rustic farmhouse style tables. While originals were hard to come by it became obvious that using selected timber and with skilled and innovative craftspeople a modern, authentic style, equivalent could be built. Since that discovery the business has grown, and several different product styles have evolved.


Our tables have heaps of character which makes them so attractive and must be remembered when viewing the website and considering what you desire.  Each finished piece is unique, by the very nature of using reclaimed materials and being handmade they must be. But most special is that each piece of wood has its own character be it original dents and scratches, missing knots, minor splits and discolouration and even signs of old nails.


As the business has thrived and evolved so has the product, the team, our culture and our environment. That said fundamentally we are proud of our Scottish heritage and we love that we can use reclaimed timber from Scotland to make our beautiful tables.

Being able to re-use old wood is very important to us. Not only is it totally unique and full of character but it is a much more ethical choice. We like to make sure that we look after the environment so as well as our reclaimed timber for our table tops our other wood for our table bases is sourced from sustainable forests in the EU. Any scrap wood is used for kindling or garden use rather than going to landfill or being burnt.


We strive to only use environmentally friendly paints and waxes with no harmful chemicals. This is far nicer for us as manufacturers but also means it is very safe for you as our customer. Our finishes are pet safe and child safe as well as being good for the planet.

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